The Rediscovery of the UC-42

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Philip Johnston
When Cork was under attack by the Germans.


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A German U-boat lies in wait, still ‘on patrol’ outside Cork harbour. The rediscovery of the UC-42, a mine laying submarine, made the news throughout the world in 2011 after a group of local divers announced the whereabouts of the wreck. After years of searching they found an almost intact U-boat in just 29m of water just outside the harbour.

This is the story of some of the events, which led to its rediscovery. It sheds light on why Cork was under attack by the Imperil German Navy during the First World War. It outlines the connection between submarine designs and a former Christian Brother who taught in ‘the Mon.’ It also gives a glimpse at how the U-boat looks now one hundred years after its sinking.

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