Heuston’s Fort, The 1916 Easter Rising Battle of the Mendicity Institution

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Helen Kelly, Eamonn McHale and Jimmy Stephenson
Heuston’s Fort is a book that highlights the importance of the battle of the Mendicity Institution Garrison to the 1916 Easter Rebellion in Ireland. The Small contingent of 29 men made a significant contribution in prolonging the rebellion by preventing large numbers of troops from attacking the central command at the General Post Office and other larger garrisons such as the Four Courts and Dublin Castle.

Authors: Helen Kelly, Eamonn McHale and Jimmy Stephenson
Illustrator: Jimmy Wren


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About the authors.

Helen Kelly

Born in Rush and granddaughter to Patrick Kelly, Lusk Company, 5th Battalion ‘Fingal Brigade.’ Patrick Kelly mobilised on the Easter Monday under Commandant Tom Ashe. He was part of the reinforcements sent by Connolly to the Mendicity. Helen has had a long-time interest in The Rising.

Eamonn McHale

Born in Dublin and grandson to William O’Dea, who assembled at St. George’s Church on Easter Monday along with his fellow Volunteers of D Company, 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade. Eamonn has since rising in 2012 developed a great interest and pride in the men of the Mendicity Garrison.

Jimmy Stephenson

Grandson to Patrick J. Stephenson who was Quartermaster to Seán Heuston’s D Company. Dubliner Jimmy has had since childhood, great pride and interest in his grandfather’s part in the Rising.

Jimmy Wren

Born in Dublin and son of James Wren who at the age of 17 served in the GPO during the Rising, Jimmy is an accomplished Irish Historian and Writer.

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