The Winding Road of Life

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Dermot Layden
About the author:
Dermot Layden, who is approaching 80, is a family man with a grown up family and grandchildren and lives in Sligo, Ireland. Now retired, he is an accountant by profession. He worked in various Irish organizations, including the Industrial Development Authority, and the Institute of Technology, Sligo. He also worked abroad with the Accountancy Board in Tanzania, East Africa. HE has written a number of books, including A Life’s Catch, Is My Life Relevant? And A Guide for a Just Society and a Just World Order.

He has a particular interest in the meaning of life, and particularly what constitutes living fulfilled lives, which is the concern of the present book. He has an appreciation for the joys of nature; does some fisihing and has an interest in sports.

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This book has a lot to do with encouraging reflection and balance in our living as we confront many of the important day-to-day issues which impact on our lives – these issues will be evident from the contents page and the appendices. The book’s basic philosophy is to instil hope and encouragement in the way we handle life’s challenges. An alternative title for the book could justly be The University of Life. And it could be said that the melodies of early life, middle life and of autumn life flow gently throughout the book, leading to life fulfilment. An interesting feature of the book is the fascinating collection of famous quotes placed at the beginning of each chapter. The book is very readable and has relevance to both young and old, no matter who you may be. Normal commercial considerations in marketing this book are dispensed with, so that the book can be acquired at little costs.

This is a serious book which attempts to help us all to live happy and fulfilled lives, and one of the surprises in the book is what is deemed to constitute happiness and fulfilment. And the book contains thought provoking proposals relating to politics, sports, our relationship with alcohol, suicide, the environment, and so on. The role of faith and religious practices in living fulfilled lives gets a suitable airing.

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Dermot Layden





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