The Mattress

Wasps vs. Humans


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In the throes of a midlife crisis, trapped in suburbia, in the midst of a heavy dose of antibiotics and cough mixture, he remembers back, half dreaming, to a time in his youth when bills, a mortgage, kids and the job didn’t matter. It was a time of parties, music, girls, getting up late and no responsibilities.

He feels the texture of the mattress, reminding him of being back there again in nineteen eighty six. Fir a split second he has returned. A second chance maybe? But what is he running away from? And is he running at all?

The story is divided into rooms, each with a story to tell, as he walks through the house remembering his friends once housed within its walls.

Reality becomes more and more distorted as he tries to decipher if he’s dreaming up his past, or making up his future.

Cover painting by Anthony Paul

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6 x 9