The Resurrection of Danny MacNamara

Malcolm Bray


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Orphaned in Boston, Massachusetts at the age of ten, Danny MacNamara survives a series of hopeless and hazardous adoptions, as well as a long term in a brutal juvenile detention centre. Driven by an obsessive search for his mother’s killer-rapist, the man he blames for all his subsequent misfortunes.

Danny becomes battered and scarred by his life-experiences. Growing into a physical giant of a man, he finds himself unable to fit in anywhere for long and through no real fault of his own is hounded by both the authorities and the mob, with murder and mayhem accompanying his every move.

Eventually discovering a king of peace working as a lumberjack in the isolated forests of the Yukon, Danny’s vow of revenge re-surfaces when he hears fresh news of his nemesis. Returing to Boston to learn that he has missed his target once again, he tracks the killer to the South of France for a final showdown – one that may lose him all that he holds dear.

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