Pete Duffy

In the best traditions of Frank O’Connor and John B. Keane, Pete Duffy’s quirky captivating stories feel drawn from the stones and dirt of a bygone era. At balancing poignancy and humour, at delivering with pitch/perfection the exact tone of the genuine Cork brogue, Pete has few equals and no betters.

Billy O’Callaghan – Irish Book Award Winning Author of ‘The Things We Lose, The Things We Leave Behind’.

I laughed I cried “Old Dog for the Hard Road” is a gem.

Author- James McKeon

His words are from the heart with an originality that shines like a rainbow, with an honest brush his nostalgia paints scenes we can all recognize.

Cliff Wedgbury – Author of “Kiss” and a “Lingering Adolescence”.

Pete Duffy is a farmer of stories and this, his inaugural crop, shows us that the flavour of home grown beats anything universal.

Ronnie McGinn – Chairman Douglas Writers Group.