Brian Kenny

In the second half of the 20th century Máirín De Burca was probably the best know female political and social activist in Ireland. Her career is full of protests, marches, court cases, jail sentences and more, as she fought for social justice and equality for women. Her victory in having the law on all male juries struck down is just one of her many achievements. While in Sinn Féin Máirín fought to move the party to the political left and she was a fearless critic of the Provisional IRA and any use of physical violence for political gain. Máirín De Burca has been a committed political and social campaigner for over 60 years. Her story is told now in this first biography of a remarkable life. This biography was written by Brian Kenny’s previous publications include: Joe Deasy: A Life on the Left, Sam Nolan: A Long March on the Left and Tony Heffernan: From Merrion Square to Merrion Street.