Honeysuckle to Handcuffs

Delia O'Callaghan


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When Boston-based Irishwoman Delia O’Callaghan meets Frank, she can’t believe her luck. He’s everything any girl could wish for: rich, charming, handsome and fun. Whisked up into a world of ritzy restaurants and jet-set living, it looks like all of Delia’s dreams are set to come true that is, until U.S. customs catch wind of Delia s lack of a Green Card when she tries to return to the States after a trip home to Ireland for her sister’s wedding. Frank returns to Boston without Delia, leaving her stranded in Ireland with a big red DENIED ENTRY stamp in her passport.
Determined to get back to the love of her life, Delia devises a hare-brained scheme: if she can’t get into America a legitimate way, then she’ll do what hundreds of thousands of people do each year: she’ll sneak-in through the Mexican border. What’s the worst that could happen… right? She asks herself, half-heartedly. But the plan goes wrong. So wrong in fact, that Delia finds herself locked up in the San Diego Correctional Facility with a foul-mouthed, religious, drug-trafficking, yet protective, lesbian cellmate, Teresa. Not to mention Officer Lopez: the six-foot-two prison guard, identifiable as a woman only through her lack of an Adam’s apple. How is Delia going to cope? And will there be a happy ever after?

Honeysuckle to Handcuffs is the hilarious, fish-out-of-water true story of one woman’s journey who discovers over the course of nearly a month in jail and a series of disastrous but comical events that there might be more to life than Rolexes, fancy cocktails and fine dining.

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